Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bullet Points

This post will be in:
  • List format.

Things I am thankful for: 
  • My silly boyfriend
  • My wonderful family
  • My awesome internship at the Center for Environmental Health
  • The patter of raindrops on the roof
  • Public transportation
  • Seahorses and jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

My Thanksgiving menu* (I'll let you know how this goes):
*I don't know if I've explicitly stated this on this blog, but I'm vegetarian and lactose-intolerant. This means all the recipes I post will be vegetarian (and often vegan or vegan-izable).

Recipes I will definitely be making soon:
  • Alphabet soup (it's soup weather here)
  • About 80% of the recipes in the Moosewood Cookbook
  • And a good many of the mouthwatering recipes here
  • Nutella ravioli cookies... wow, these look amazing.
  • A secret recipe I can't disclose here, as I'm hoping to use it to win the dessert competition at CEH's holiday party...

Awesome (but often terrifying) science in the news:

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  1. Hi Amy! I just found your blog through LinkedIn. I've been meaning to say thanks for the Christmas card! It was really nice hearing from you. Are you really living in San Jose?? HongNgoc said you moved to San Francisco but your return address said San Jose.

    - Meghan